Sunday, February 3, 2013

December 22, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Each moment requires a private party. En♥, -me!

Pity parties. Passion parties. Everywhere we turn, we can frequently find ourselves engaged in one of the two (or something that qualifies on the spectrum between), and primarily the honored guest is our past perceptions or our future foretellings. What about the present? Often times we spend too much energy planning and hosting parties for the past and future that we fail to realize our neglect to invite the now. And we wonder why we feel so imbalanced!? The truth and beauty comes in understanding that every moment, all we have is this moment; and, it should be eternally celebrated with a private, prominent party. No guest list is necessary because the only other two attempting to get in (past and future) should never be on it. We could increase our potential of being grounded, centered, and balanced if we spent our energy concerning ourselves with gathering socially in observance of every moment, just as it is. So, DJ, turn up the music! Now we've got something really worth celebrating!

From My Cocoon, 12/21/12, 10:29:30 AM 

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