Sunday, February 3, 2013

December 2, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Don't forget to remember who you are. En♥, -me!

"Who are you?" "What are you?" The only one equipped to answer such questions for us is ourselves. Yet, it often takes the probing of another to usher us into a space of introverted reflection to seek the answers to such questions. Why is that? Beyond the convenient responses that define us by a profession, title, birthplace, and family name, there is a charge to understand conclusively the core of who and what we truly are. The truth and beauty comes in grasping the concept that we already know. It's simply up to us to open ourselves to allow ourselves to remind ourselves.

From My Cocoon, 12/01/12, 11:41:45 AM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

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