Sunday, February 3, 2013

December 16, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Thoughts materialize. En♥, -me!

It is a timeless truism that that which we think comes into existence. The truth and beauty is in actually discerning this truth; we have an unremitting ability to shape and reshape our realities by simply being more aware of our cogitation. If we are unsettled by circumstances, we should scrutinize our thoughts. We can do something to ignite loving change; and the first thing we can do is utilize our mind's eye to see (i.e., intention) the change. Only then will it be actualized. So don't hesitate to ask yourself, "What are you thinking about?"

From The Passenger's Side, 12/16/12, 12:12:17 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

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