Saturday, December 22, 2012

November 17, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: The uniqueness of my impact is unconventional by design. En♥, -me!

There is no harm in recognizing just how special we are. How else can we maximize our potential? The truth and beauty is in owning our potential by truly comprehending that the one thing we all have in common is individualized gifts and abilities. Every being has a unique something that defies convention, and the universe thrives off of it. Let's commit to going within and exploring what makes us stand out, for the betterment of all.

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Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 16, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: True abundance can be enjoyed by relenting to the evenflow of the source. En♥, -me!

Have you ever realized how much better things seem to be when you just take a step back, breathe, and let go? Authentic abundance is accompanied by an indescribable peace of mind, and that peace does not dwell in resistance. The truth and beauty is in releasing the controlling hold we habitually desire to have over life's occurrences.

"Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Yeah, there will be an answer
Let it be"  

– The Beatles, Let it Be

"You could give it all away, give it all and be unstoppable
All away, everything is really possible
All away, you never really own it anyway
It’ll all fall in place, if you just let go"

– Jason Mraz, 5/6

From My Cocoon, 12/22/12, 12:11:07 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 15, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Sow the seed that will bear fruit for all. En♥, -me!

Society has so successfully ingrained the message of "do for self" in our minds that it sometimes seems like the word "selfless" has been long removed from our vocabulary. We can easily get so wrapped up in our own microcosms of the world that we fail to remember that it is our union with the cosmos that even makes our microcosm possible. Every now and then (more often than not), it pays to plant things in our gardens that will benefit more than just ourselves. The truth and beauty comes in understanding that the garden which is planted with others in mind is the garden of perpetual harvest.

NOTE: A great example of this concept is demonstrated by the Hoe Mama movement.

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 4:30:17 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 14, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: CHERISH the gift. HONOR the giver. BE GRATEFUL for the experience. En♥, -me!

The truth and beauty is not in being selective, but in applying the principles of gratitude to all things.

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 4:08:18 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 13, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: I am. I was. I am. I am to be. I am. En♥, -me!

Both eastern and western philosophies share a variation of the mantra, "So Hum" or "I Am." Engaging in the practice of this meditation is instrumental in establishing the harmony of the self with the oneness of the breath of all creation. The truth and beauty is in internalizing the notion that our is-ness is unchanged. When uniting our breaths across the parameters of chronological reference, their dance stirs up a powerful fire that sets our kindred souls ablaze.

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 3:49:28 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 12, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: The greatest gift acquired without effort reveals who I was now and who I am then. En♥, -me!

Though the lessons of its application may be a bit challenging to comprehend at times, the greatest gift acquired without effort is love. The ease with which it exists is timeless and eternally dependable. In fact, most of us were recipients of love upon the announcement or our presence's anticipated arrival in diminutive form. As human beings, we were gifted with love before we could even conceptualize how to consciously recognize, receive, and return the bestowal. The truth and beauty comes in recognizing that though we are presently human, our presence is supernatural in the continuum of life and the convergence of past, present, and future. The essence of the soul is love, and choosing to share in its mystique can reveal everything we ever were and everything we ever will be. In return, we are capable of being everything we Be love.

"Love begets love." – Unknown

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 3:25:33 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 11, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: YOU've sown what YOU've reaped! En♥, -me!

Often times, we choose to issue out a warning to others by proclaiming the idiom, "You reap what you sow." It's a sentiment that is echoed throughout various communal and spiritual practices worldwide. But how often do we turn the words back on ourselves and reflect on the converse proclamation? Before we surrender to the impulse to place blame on other people, places, and things for the fruit of our present conditions (be they perceived as helpful or a hindrance), suffice it to say that the fruit is a reflection of what we ourselves have planted. The truth and beauty is in owning the fact that as farmers of our own fields, we are responsible for what has grown, and we have a responsibility for what grows.

"Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil." – James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 1:07:20 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

November 10, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: I am BEING the HUMAN manifestation of love. En♥, -me!

Most of us have probably been exposed to the idiom, "Read between the lines." It's a common way of urging someone to look (with the mind's eye) beyond that which appears on the surface for a deeper meaning and understanding. As such, what would happen if we read between the lines of the title / label with which we commonly distinguish ourselves from other animals: human beings? More than human beings, we can affirm that we are being human! The truth and beauty prevails in the theory that as extensions of an infinite source, all things are in a perpetual state of existence (i.e., being). Thus, our esoteric is-ness forever remains while the exoteric garment changes. This time around, we are manifesting in humanity.

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 12:41:58 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 9, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Abundance is never scarce. En♥, -me!

Some resources are unceasing. Due to the limitations of our physical bodies, they may seem intangible and invisible. Yet, the truth and beauty is in knowing that if we commit to opening to the ethereal elements, we can come to experience the endless fields of supply that are never meager or sparse.

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 12:18:00 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 8, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Metaphysical abundance deems physical lack an illusion, immediately manifesting there, here. En♥, -me!

The abundance we aspire to is already ours. The truth and beauty comes in recognizing that we can begin to experience it the moment we press past the obsolete images of our deficit. Just beyond the veil of stormy residue lies a rainbow.

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 11:53:32 AM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 7, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: That which I seek from without is already within. En♥, -me!

Jean Houston said while speaking with Oprah Winfrey about her response to people who regard her as a guru, "...But in my definition, guru is spelled: G, U R U." Classic! The same sentiment is echoed in the self-love and empowerment anthem, "The Greatest Love of All" when Whitney Houston sings, "Everybody's searching for a hero. People need someone to look up to. I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs. A lonely place to be, and so I learned to depend on me." There are those of us who put a lot of effort into finding the perfect teacher, source of wisdom, love, guidance, and encouragement. We search outside of ourselves for someone (or something) to show us the way. And it almost seems like just when we get comfortable with trusting the instructional bird that our ignorance and excitement have convinced us that we have secured, it flies away. We're left lonely and looking for a new guide to come and accompany us on our path. The truth and beauty is in comprehending that while we are searching for our one pre-appointed bird to show up and stay in our hand for the entire journey, we actually have two birds waiting to awaken in the bushes of our own soul. We already have (and are) what we are looking to receive.

From The Passenger's Side, 12/16/12, 1:15:46 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 6, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Abundance is the promise of the ability to give. En♥, -me!

I once heard someone say, "I give out of my abundance," and that got me to thinking about the biblical imagery in Psalms 23:5 of the cup that runneth over. When water is continuously poured into a cup that is already filled to capacity, the cup can (1) allow someone to drink from its abundance, (2) allow its abundance to be poured into another cup, or (3) allow its abundance to spill over onto another surface. Either alternative grants that the abundance is regifted, whether intentionally or not. Similarly, we can compare our own physical and metaphysical abundance to that of the cup. The truth and beauty is in knowing that we are continually filled from an infinite source; and, though we may be able to receive it, by design, we certainly don't have the room to contain ALL that we receive. There is definite assurance in our resources, so we can follow that compulsion to give and share with peace of mind.

From My Cocoon, 12/13/12, 2:13:24 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 5, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: The time is now. En♥, -me!

We spend a lot of our energy on our concern for time. We live in an age where time is truly of essence to nearly everyone and everything. Convenience has become synonymous with less time, and we seem to be so consumed with the idea of "maximizing" our days (waking hours) that while completing one task, we literally count the minutes to the next and figure out how many minutes that task will take us to complete. Just as Brooks professed in "The Shawshank Redemption," "The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry." Because of our fascination with time, we neglect to enjoy the present; we are so fixated on the past and the future. As such, despite our efforts, many of us still come up short on accomplishing our goals and fulfilling the true desires of our hearts. The truth and beauty is in recognizing that whether we feel like we are peering down the road behind us or the road ahead of us, we can only be where we are, which is here, NOW. Look around, and carpe momentum (seize the moment)! The time to get started is now; and, the next time someone asks, "What time is it?," offer the honest reply, "Now!"

"You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future." – Unknown

From My Cocoon, 12/13/12, 1:37:20 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 4, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Your story may be the very story that alters someone else's story for the better. Run, tell yours. En♥, -me!

Take a moment and remember all of the personal stories that have been shared with you via verbal communication (speeches, television, individual or group conversation, discussion with acquaintances or strangers), non-verbal communication (music and song, dance, sculptures), visual communication (photographs, drawings, symbols), or written communication (books and blogs, letters, emails, text messages, status updates, posts, tweets). Now, think about where you would be without the impact of those who were bold enough to share their truth with you directly or indirectly. The truth and beauty lies in understanding that just as someone else's story has been the source of our smile, motivation, inspirational quotes, re-tweets, life advice, and entertainment, so may our stories be the same for someone else. We may not be fond of every intimate detail, but every story we've witnessed didn't necessarily come from an unnerved source. Privacy is one thing, but let us reconsider before we decide to toss our tales into the cave of secrecy. Our courage to share may save more than ourselves.

From My Cocoon, 12/13/12, 1:00:03 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 3, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Keep up the good play. En♥, -me!

While it is certainly understandable to encourage ourselves and others to "Keep up the good work," when was the last time we offered, "Keep up the good play?" The sheer essence of balance is the equilibrium of integrated parts; and, the truth and beauty is in knowing the importance of practicing and improving our recreation just as much as we do our work. I believe it was James Howell that expressed the same sentiment as, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Take the time to play today; it's your responsibility.

From My Cocoon, 12/13/12, 12:20:31 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

November 2, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: May the goodness of your day be easily obtainable and sustainable. En♥, -me!

The majority of us wake up desiring our days to be as favorable as effortlessly possible. The truth and beauty comes in realizing that the virtue of our own daily experiences is increased by simply wishing the same for someone else.

From My Cocoon, 12/13/12, 12:02:43 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty

Today’s Truth and BeautyTM is a product of my ever-evolving meditation practice.  To borrow a concept from the song Killing Me Softly, this is me finding my own letters and reading each one out loud.  As I receive the daily combination of words and pictures that express the truth and beauty of my soul, I will post them to this blog and the Today’s Truth and Beauty Facebook Page as a means of communicating them to whomever among the masses has been designated to receive them as well.

I began sharing Today’s Truth and BeautyTM (TT&B) with family and friends in November 2012, and it has since taken a life of its own.  As I’ve worked to streamline the ideas and keep up with the vision, I have had to remind myself of a lesson I learned from Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project, (that she learned from studying Voltaire) “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”   As such, though each TT&B’s message and picture is posted daily to Today’s Truth and Beauty Facebook Page, a brief description of each TT&B will be posted to this personal blog space weekly.  Please bear with me while I catch up on posting the TT&B descriptions from November 2nd.  The words and pictures are from my heart.  So, wherever you are in your journey, whatever circumstances have guided you here, I am eternally grateful for your presence; and, it is always my prayer that while you are in this space, Whatcha See is Whatcha Get! 

If these words and / or pictures shine an ounce of light onto your path, please do us all a favor and pass them on. Why?  Because it’s time to start talking to the world.  We need us!


– me!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Open Letter to Money

Hello again.  Instead of dwelling on the past and contemplating various excuses as to why I have not posted to this space in nearly a year, let’s just relish in the present.  As I work to find obtain and maintain my balance and not (as Jackson Browne sings in “The Pretender”) be “caught between the longing for love and the struggle for the legal tender,” I have vowed to be more intentional about improving my relationship with money.  I wrote the following letter to express my feelings, and I figure they may resonate with someone else as well. 

September 20, 2012

Dearest Legal Tender,

Can I still call you money?  What happened to us?  Things just haven't been the same since you've been gone.  We used to be so tight.  Our relationship was so solid and seemed so unshakeable.  One day we were holding hands and embracing under the shade trees of the park, and today you are the only one that can make me tick the way you do?  What happened to the good ole days?  Did you leave because of me?  Did I somehow push you away?  How is it that the lack of YOUR presence in my life is the only thing that causes me such sorrow? 

I know what it is.  I think, at some point along the way, you started to feel like I was taking you for granted and undermining your importance in my life.  I believe you started to feel under-appreciated.  Is that it?  While I could sit here and allow my ego and securities to blame you for not saying anything before you just packed your bags and left me, I don't believe that will help my cause or either of us in the end.  Your feelings are duly noted and justified.  Besides, I would be a fool to not admit my faults.

So, I get it!  I see now that I could (and should) have treated you better.  I see now what I was afraid and too prideful to admit then, which is that (I think Patti LaBelle said it best), "I love and need and want you baby." 

I sincerely apologize for any hurt I may have caused you over the years.  I understand now what it means to have to work, beg, borrow, cry, sweat and stress to get you back; and, that's not the life I choose to live.  It's just not healthy and doesn't help to (in the very least) sustain my happiness.  Not only is it not fair to me, but I certainly see that it's not fair to you either.  You already spread yourself thin to care for others, and I don't make things any better by constantly nagging you to come love on me when I haven't even begun to love on you like I now desire.

Needless to say, I've grown.  Yes, I still have so much to learn, but I'm definitely better than I used to be.  It took me a while to see, but I recognize now that truly loving and appreciating you in my life means redefining my relationship with you.  I can't be jealous of your relationship with others.  I know now that you loving on others is a part of you loving on me.  I can't try to hold on to you too tight, but I can't ignore you either.  I can't pass judgment on those that appear to love you differently than I do.  I can't continue to blame you when I witness behaviors that aren't in line with my own.  I can't lose myself in you and empower you to the point where my happiness is effected (adversely or not) by whether or not you are here.  The Floacist said, "Even when I need you, even if you cannot come when I call you, it simply means that I an handle it without you.  And I know when next I see you, it'll be just when I need you."

So, what do you say?  Can we give this another go, and get it right this time?  Can we work WITH each other, and not against (or around) each other?  Can we love and trust each other?  After all, my yoga teaches me that we ARE each other.  (That's intense, right!?  I'll let you marinate on that for a minute).  Let's heal our disconnect and be an example of authentic love that aims to help others as well as ourselves.  We're all in this together.

I'm ready when you are.  Call me crazy, but I am gonna be courageous enough to believe that we can balance this out and make our rough places plain.  I believe in you and all of your dreams.  In other words (specifically the words of my soul brother, Jason Mraz), "I'll leave it in your hands now to come through."  Just know that, for you, my hands are forever receive AND give.  You inspire, money!  ;-)

En♥ Always,