Sunday, February 3, 2013

December 10, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: Stay here. Be baptized in the present. En♥, -me!

Whether through aspersion, affusion, immersion, or submersion, the Christian tradition recognizes baptism as a sacred experience of initiation. In a ceremonious manner, water is applied to the physical body (in part or whole) and an individual is considered washed, renewed, welcomed, and sometimes given a new name. What if we looked at life as a continual state of new moments and consciously decided to be metaphysically cleansed in each one? What if we truly recognized that each moment affords us a new opportunity to rid ourselves of past hallucinations and future delusions and just stay in the here and now? The truth and beauty is in knowing that when we choose to focus on nothing but the peace of the present, we are perpetually engaged in a ritual of purgation.

"Each a new place you've never been." – Unknown

From My Cocoon, 12/09/12, 7:05:35 PM
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