Saturday, December 22, 2012

November 12, 2012

Today's Truth and Beauty: The greatest gift acquired without effort reveals who I was now and who I am then. En♥, -me!

Though the lessons of its application may be a bit challenging to comprehend at times, the greatest gift acquired without effort is love. The ease with which it exists is timeless and eternally dependable. In fact, most of us were recipients of love upon the announcement or our presence's anticipated arrival in diminutive form. As human beings, we were gifted with love before we could even conceptualize how to consciously recognize, receive, and return the bestowal. The truth and beauty comes in recognizing that though we are presently human, our presence is supernatural in the continuum of life and the convergence of past, present, and future. The essence of the soul is love, and choosing to share in its mystique can reveal everything we ever were and everything we ever will be. In return, we are capable of being everything we Be love.

"Love begets love." – Unknown

From My Cocoon, 12/19/12, 3:25:33 PM
Today’s Truth and BeautyTM

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